Great North Walk - Bimbadeen - Mount Bright

Take in the scenic views from the Bimbadeen Lookout on the Great North Walk. A beautiful outlook that overlooks the city of Cessnock and connects to bushwalking and mountain biking tracks in the beautiful Mount View sub region.

Mount View Road, Mount View

Take in the scenic views from the Bimbadeen Lookout on the Great North Walk. A beautiful outlook that overlooks the city of Cessnock and connects to bushwalking and mountain biking tracks in the beautiful Mount View sub region.

Take in the breathtaking scenery and learn about the natural features of the Cessnock Valley floor.


Easy Option with Scenic views:

Bimbadeen Lookout to Pokolbin Mountain Road

An easy version of this walk starts at Bimbadeen lookout Mount View and follows the Mount View ridgeline to Pokolbin Mountain Road.


Advanced Option for Moderate walkers with appropriate equipment:

Great North Walk to Pokolbin Wineries: 13.1 km one way moderate walk one way

This extended walk starts in the village of Millfield and journeys along a ridgeline path littered with fossils and shrouded by endangered bushland. The track continues towards Bimbadeen Lookout and follows the Mount View ridgeline. It journeys north and then descends into Hunter Valley Dry Rainforest, one of the last remaining rainforests of its kind. The walk ends at Tinklers Winery.

1. Millfield. The track that is the spur to Pokolbin is about 150m east from the intersection of the Paxton and Wollombi roads. The vegetation can sometimes overgrow the Great North Walk sign so look carefully and ensure you are setting off on the correct path.

2. Check for the great Great North Walk starting sign and follow Shingle Gully Road. Follow the indicative foot signs.

3. Grass Trees - The grass tree (Xanthorrhoea) is a uniquely Australian plant. its tough, does well in droughts and even survives the intense bushfires which epitomises this part of the Great North Walk landscape. Bushfires will burn the foliage and blacken the stump, but then it regrows. In fact often a bushfire will encourage flower development. And these flowers are impressive, if not very beautiful. The flowers are produced on the end of long spikes, which can grow up to two metres.

4. GNW register - following a fenceline through a cow paddock you'll come up to a register for the GNW - pop your name onto the list and submit feedback!

5. Walking down hill, be careful with footings, and cross fences where the footings provide. Follow the foot signs for the GNW, moderate hills and beautiful scenery, interesting geography and rock faces.

6. Approach Bimbadeen Lookout. Magnificent views overlooking Cessnock City, looking out towards the east coast. On a clear day can you see the sand dunes at Port Stephens?

7. Traverse and safely venture from Mount View Road to Mount Mount Bright Road.

8. Mount Bright Lookout - At the Mount Bright Lookout sweeping vistas of Pokolbin and surrounding towns can be viewed and enjoyed. This is a beautiful place, once clearly maintained but now sadly neglected. There are remnants of picnic tables nearby but you will need to carry your own lunch to benefit from the great view and the peaceful surroundings.

9. Keep following onto Pokolbin Mountain Road with a magnificent viewpoint reaching out towards magnificent vineyards littered throughout the rural setting.

10. Follow Pokolbin Mountain Road down towards lush grassy areas beside the Tinklers Vineyard.



Some information courtesy of Every Trail. Some sections of the walk are shared on roads, be careful around traffic. Should you encounter other users such as horse riders, mountain or tral bikes, be sure to give them space. Enclosed shoes and 3 hours of supplies are essential. Experienced walkers would enjoy these trails. It may be preferred for users to have cars set up at either end of the trail, the full walk return trip can take up to 6 hours for a moderately experienced walker.