Autumn Leaves in the Vineyard

Mar 1 Autumn Leaves in the Vineyard

Following a busy harvest, the Vineyard is spectacular in Autumn, leading into winter.

Autumn in the Hunter Valley is leading us out of a very busy Vintage period!

In Autumn, we see the first frosts, some cooler days and the grapevines show their Autumn splendor. Shades of vibrant red, yellow and orange fill the rows, before the leaves gracefully fall for the Winter Months.

In Autumn, we give the vines a break from the stressful fruit bearing months and their Summer Harvest, and we ready ourselves for the winter, when pruning begins. During this time, it is where some of the other vineyard tasks are undertaken, fixing the fence posts or wire or maintenance.

We prepare the vineyard to enter winter dormancy.

A beautiful time to visit the Hunter Valley, as we have wineries bustling with activity In Autumn. Wine Tanks are full and processes are fully underway. Some wineries may also be accepting fruit from out of region. Come and enjoy this spectacular time of year!

Photo Courtesy Robyn Drayton Wines