Conserve Water, Drink Moorebank Wines

Sep 26 Conserve Water, Drink Moorebank Wines

Thirty years young this year, this boutique family owned and operated vineyard estate will have you returning to the Hunter Valley year after year.

With a wide range of ultra-premium wines and a vast selection of hand-made, wine inspired condiments, spreads & sauces that have been handed down from old family vineyard recipes, a visit to Moorebank certainly ticks alot of boxes. And as if that wasn't enough to have you running to its cellar door, it's also very family friendly too!


On arrival, a lush setting of open landscape sets the stage for the perfect tasting experience. Swings hang from trees, picnic areas abound and when you think it couldn't get any better, they also have the perfect two and four legged friends to keep one amused, especially the infamous "Sheila the Sheep"!


Some tasting favourties that visitors get to enjoy include their mouth watering homemade lemonade, getting lost in the bursting berry flavours of their exciting "Moorescato", getting zesty with their Semillon Chardonnay, being allured by the bouquet of sweet ripe red fruits of their "Sheila" Black Sheep Shiraz and , a personal favourite, indulging in the smooth lusciousness of their Muscat Liquer.


So whenever you're next in the Hunter Valley , go off the beaten track a bit and visit this true gem along the lane.  Ian and Debra will welcome you with open arms  - cuddles are optional!