Local Artist Uncovered: Marc Brabander

May 13 Local Artist Uncovered: Marc Brabander

Local artist Marc Brabander made a commitment to create one drawing every day for an entire year. The result is in an exhibition at the Cessnock Regional Art Gallery, which will open at 5pm on May 17 and run through to July 2nd.

Marc says, “Taking a moment every day to connect with something that you love to do has a positive effect on your day. Being in business is great, but it can get very busy pushing away the fun things you do outside of work if you are not careful. I was tired of the same old “don’t have time for that”. The exhibition is a culmination for my year-long one-a-day commitment of taking pen (or brush) in hand – despite my busy schedule as a business owner and parent,” Marc says.

“Some days it was a real struggle. I remember one day, after working many hours, starting early working till late at night with soccer coaching thrown in between, I flopped exhausted in front of the TV. The last thing I wanted to do was to draw something, but I picked up my pencils and sketchbook and I drew. An hour later I was still drawing, and what flowed out was just incredible. And the funny thing was that I didn’t feel tired anymore. Being creative allows the noise of the mind to move into the background, and bring forth a stillness that energises me. It’s the same for people that do exercise. It’s all very good for you as it reduces stress.”

The artwork Marc created from this year of daily creativity can be viewed between 17 May – 2 July 2017, Tuesday-Sunday 10am-4pm.

Opening Night: 20 May 2017 at 5-7pm
Art After Hours: 29 June at 5.30pm